Biglerville Borough Contacts

Biglerville Borough Contacts

Biglerville Borough Council & Authority

33 Musselman Avenue
Biglerville PA 17307
Phone: 717-677-9488
Fax: 717-677-4027

Office Hours: 
Monday thru Friday, 7:30 A.M. until 4:00 P.M.

Biglerville Borough Code Enforcement and Zoning Dept.

33 Musselman Avenue
Biglerville, PA 17307
Phone: 717-677-9488
Fax: 717-677-4027

Biglerville Borough Residential & Commercial Inspections 

(Please contact Borough office for permits) 

Biglerville Borough Police Department

33 Musselman Avenue
Biglerville, PA 17307
Phone: 717-677-9101
Fax: 717-677-4027

Middle Dept. Inspection Agency Inc.

Attn: Paul Rampulla
Office Phone: 717-761-5340 

Biglerville Wastewater Treatment Plant

33 Musselman Avenue
Biglerville, PA 17307
Phone: 717-677-8802
Fax: 717-677-8809 


Trash: Waste Connections of Chambersburg PA 

717-709-1700 (Contact them for account setup:)

Biglerville Tax Collector

Beth Corson
28 Ditzler Avenue
Biglerville PA 17307
Phone: 717-677-0465 

Biglerville Borough Sewer and Water Authority

Richard Mountfort, Chairman
Nichole Redden, Secretary
Michael Landis, Member
Erik Vranich, Member
Phil Wagner, Member
Authority Solicitor: Bernard Yannetti, Hartman and Yannetti

Biglerville Borough Council and Mayor

Neil Ecker, President
John Angstadt, Vice President
Phil Wagner, Mayor

Committee Chairs:

Neil Ecker, Finance/Personnel Chair
Melinda Warren Elnaggar, Ordinance Chair
Robert Guise, Property/Highway Chair
Janet Gliem, Sewer Chair
Robert Pantaleo, Safety Chair
John Angstadt, Planning Chair
Robert Smith, Water Chair   

Appointed Personnel

Hartman & Yannetti, Solicitor
KPI Technology, Engineer
Walt Gliem, Vacancy Board Chair
Sandi Vazquez, Secretary/Treasurer 
Paul Rampulla, Building Code Officer - MDIA
Middle Dept Inspection Agency, UCC Inspector

Biglerville Borough Zoning Hearing Board

Eugene Shaffer
Ryan Picarelli
Tracy Angstadt
Solicitor Harry Eastman

Employees of the Biglerville Borough

Craig Hartley, Police Chief
Marian Grenchik, Police Officer
Shawn Cuffley, Part Time Police Officer

Wayne Smith, Code & Zoning Officer
Kevin Bollinger, Sewer and Water Operator
F. Douglas Hays, Sewer and Water Operator
Sandi Vazquez, Secretary/Treasurer

Commercial Activity within the Borough of Biglerville

Hank Thieleman Antique's
Chiropractic Fitness Clinic
Chronister’s Barber Shop
Butch Eyler Signs
Subway Restaurant
Alvarez's Hair Salon
Seven Eleven Store
Mama’s Pizza
Penn Forestry Company
Motter's Laundromat
Knouse Foods
H&R Block
Pueblo Hermoso Mexican Store
Grower’s Equipment Center, Inc.
Moritz Machine Shop
Store IT, LLCFourth Street and East York Street Storage Units
International Paper
GVM, Inc.